Bilingual Schedule E

This course contains both English and Spanish content.

Rental income is any payment received for the use or occupation of real estate or personal property. The payment that is received is taxable to the taxpayer and is generally reported on Schedule E. Each Schedule E can report three properties. If the taxpayer has more than three properties, additional Schedule E’s would be used. Schedule E is not used to report personal income and expenses. The taxpayer should not use Schedule E to report renting personal property, that is not a business. To report other income, use Schedule 1, lines 8 – 24b.


At the end of this lesson, the student will:

  • Know the types of income reported on Schedule E.
  • Realize the difference between repairs and improvements.
  • Recognize where to find the rental property depreciation chart.

IRS: 15G0B-T-00601-22-S
CTEC: 2080-CE-0311

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